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Christmas is the time of year…

Ray Charles said, “Christmas is the time of year, for being with the ones you love.” I was fortunate to have been able to fulfill Mr. Charles’s Christmas prophesy this year, but unfortunately not with the Spirit of Christmas that he was likely singing about. I’ve never been one to fully get into the Christmas spirit; always just getting by with as little decor as possible and fretting and complaining about what to get for others. I usually end up having a Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Christmas by the time the day has come and gone because I’ve reached a max on just how much over-doing I can take. It’s no secret…

Kitchen Renovation After
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Before and After: The Renovation of a Kitchen

I NEVER want to build a house. Ever. I took on a kitchen renovation over the summer and it just about killed me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to many more renovation projects in my future, but I will use some major lessons learned from this little endeavor and get myself a serious grip on reality before just jumping right on in there.

One of the most important things I learned was..

When Kids are Sick
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6 Things To Do When the Kids Are Sick

In our house, we never get off Scott-free without catching every bug that passes by. One of us is usually sneezing or coughing and as nature would have it, about the time one sheds the crud, another of us picks it up. I do try to do my due diligence and sanitize (to use chemicals or not to use chemicals, that IS the question), wash my hands until they feel like a dried leaf, and referee both kids from invading one another’s space (did you seriously just lick your sisters face!?!)

But, here we are again…

Sister Birthday Tribute
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You look like you’re 25!

She’s not 25 anymore. She’s 26 today. And as beautiful as she was the day our grandpa nearly rolled out of his chair laughing at her new hairdo. She
may have been 14 or 15; I don’t remember now, but she’d colored her hair or cut it and our dear sweet and unfiltered patriarch of the family thought this was the funniest thing since Barney Fife. You just had to be there.

I don’t remember the day…