Local Grown Restaurants for Valentine's Day
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Local Grown Restaurants to Visit on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s right time you nag your darling husband (or wife) into treating you to a well deserved night out. If you’re local, you’ve made it through the cold of January and hopefully fought off the flu bug epidemic.  Dust off your fine shoes, throw on your Sunday best, ladies smooth on some lipstick; gents dab on some cologne. Here are a few of my favorite Local Grown Restaurants to visit on Valentine’s Day.

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Baking Challenge: Sally’s Bread Bowls

If you read any of my whopping 6 blog posts to date, you’d know these things about me: I dislike holidays (because I find them outrageous) and balancing out the like/dislike scale is my extreme like of painting furniture. So, as I’d stated in the New Years Eve(ish) post, this one, I made no resolutions for the coming year, but vowed to participate in a Baking Challenge: led by Sally of Sally’s Baking Addiction where each month I would make and bake a new treat by her recipe and then share the results on social media. This months Baking Challenge…

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Chalk Painting: A Trombone inspired Yellow Chest of Drawers

In my previous chalk painting days, I found one of my favorite parts of redoing a piece was learning about where the piece came from or even the “how” of taking it on as my own. I’m naturally a bit of a Nervous Nelly, when it comes to meeting new people, so when I started the endeavor of furniture picking, I had to step outside of my comfort level and know that I was going to take some chances when it digging for just the right piece to paint. Fortunately, I always made it out without a scratch on each pick up and from time to time would be pleased to find I’d left with a new friendship to put in my Rolodex.

One piece that comes to mind when I think of friends I’ve made along the way, is a…

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5 Reasons Why Hotels are the Worst

I would say our family stays in hotels more than the average bear. We enjoy taking the kids to new places and back to favorite old spots.  We enjoy a night away without kids on the rare occasion and work travel is part of the husbands job description. I can’t speak for the venue husband stays at when he travels, but when we travel together, skimping on a hotel is not something we do. We like a little pampering and luxe and our hotel choices tend to fall in line as such. However, as of late (maybe it’s just a bad run) I have decided hotels are the worst. Maybe like Danny Glover said in Lethal Weapon, “I’m too old for this shtuff,” but here are the five reasons…

Coffee Makes the World Go 'Round
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10/40 Coffee Makes the World Go ‘Round

There’s nothing quite like living in a small town and those who live in sprawling cities just wouldn’t understand the excitement that comes when a new place of business moves into town. The slower pace of life allows passerby’s to gaze with wonder and speculation at what the new place will become or what the old is being transformed into. Just recently, a beloved clothing shop on our towns square, relocated across town and as the lights in the little old building went out, we all wondered what would bring it back to life. Each drive around the block, our community caught a glimpse of..